Friday, September 18, 2009

#13 - MySpace

I already have a personal MySpace page, which I admit I rarely use, Facebook being my preferred place to communicate with friends.

I had a look around and didn't find anything that really convinced me to create a page for my school library. I admit to being conservative (or at least not very brave) and I'd like to see some much more forward thinking (brave) school/teacher librarians create and maintain dynamic and useful pages before I go there.

At this stage to manage, moniter and maintain a page and constantly ensuring that the language and content is suitable for school is not something I'm prepared to tackle.

Not writing it off, just maintaining my distance from this for now.

I also looked at some of the public library MySpace pages, mostly in the U.S. I liked what some of them have done. Some of the styles were definitely targetting teens, the photos of events and activites were great and it looked like a great way to keep the community informed of what's happening and what's available at the local library.

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