Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I've always been pretty ok at utilising technology, but always seem to be a step behind. Over the past few years, I seem to have fallen further and further behind. This course has been a saviour. Access to everything that I haven't previously made the time to learn. I like the structure as well as the flexibility of completing this in my own time and own space.

I'm still at the beginning/basic stages but I now have the foundations, understanding and confidence to utilise any of these sites and resources where I feel they can be useful.

Thanks, good-bye & all the best

LG =)

The Librarian Song

#22 - EBooks & #23 - Audiobooks

I love this.

Ebooks would be fantastic to use at school, particularly if you have some form or smartboard or interactive whiteboard. Imagine using picture books for Infants students or as a tool for visual texts in highschools. We could use them simply as a reading tool.

I also love audio books, I already buy and borrow audio books from the library. The ability to download them and to listen to them in my car on my 1hr drive to work and home is fantastic.

Happy Reading =)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

#20 - Podcasts

I had much more success here than I did with Rollyo earlier today, although I have to admit, my aim was more personal than professional as I found some country music podcasts that I could subscribe to.

This would be a wonderful teaching resource, students are way ahead of us when it comes to current technologies and are more likely to be engaged if we utilise these in our teaching.

In order for us to ensure that the students are engaged in their learning we need to get away from relying on overheads and utilising resources that we've been learning about here and by subscribing to podcasts that are relevant to your curriculum there is a simple to use teaching tool.

#19 - Rollyo

This is post is not exactly what we've been asked to do....

I have had a play with Rollyo, created a search engine on the topic of holden adding a couple of web pages to the search pool but I think I picked a bad day.

I am not creating a link to my Rollyo profile at this stage simply because there seems to be a problem with the site today. Every time I hit the 'create' button the site timed out and I lost the information I put in.... so I've given up for now.

I love the idea and I will come back to this on a day when hopefully the site is happy to accommodate me. This looks like it will be a fantastic tool for directing student research on a given topic, ensuring that their information is from sources that you trust.

Check back later, if I manage to get this site working I'll place the link here =)

#18 - Wikkis

I've enjoyed looking at the ways in which Wikkis are being used in an educational setting. I can see that this is something that I can use, support and promote in my high school.

I imagine that to begin with our school would mostly use Wikkis as a way of sharing research on specific topics. As the librarian, I could set up the wikki and use lessons in the library to help students and the classroom teacher to add information to the wikki.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

#17 - Delicious

A useful tool both personally and professionally. I like that we can find out other similar sites or other popular sites that are similar to ones that I'm interested in. As a librarian I use the internet quite a bit in day-to-day work and it's great to see what other similar sites are out there.

I like that we are able to select which sites we make available to the public and which ones we keep private too.

Like everything else that we are doing here, I can see that I can potentially make great use of it - when I make the time. So hopefully during these school holidays when things settle down a bit I'll take the time to re-visit some of these sites and to explore and organise them further.