Tuesday, October 13, 2009

#19 - Rollyo

This is post is not exactly what we've been asked to do....

I have had a play with Rollyo, created a search engine on the topic of holden adding a couple of web pages to the search pool but I think I picked a bad day.

I am not creating a link to my Rollyo profile at this stage simply because there seems to be a problem with the site today. Every time I hit the 'create' button the site timed out and I lost the information I put in.... so I've given up for now.

I love the idea and I will come back to this on a day when hopefully the site is happy to accommodate me. This looks like it will be a fantastic tool for directing student research on a given topic, ensuring that their information is from sources that you trust.

Check back later, if I manage to get this site working I'll place the link here =)

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