Friday, September 18, 2009

#11 - Library Thing

I'm enjoying getting to know my way around Library Thing. I've added a few of my old favourites as well as a few of my recent reads. This application will give me something to do in the school holidays, as I've just moved house and it will give me the motivation to sort and organise my library. I'm looking forward to it.

Some of my books were more popular than others, which is not surprising and again I can't wait to see how popular some of my other books are.

I like how the site gives us the section of conversation directly surrounding a particular book so you can make a more educated decision on whether or not you want to read more. However most of the conversations mentioning my books tended to be very brief or only mentioning my book in passing.

I would love to see this utilised in schools. I'm not sure how we could monitor the content of posts and avoid inappropriate information being accessed by students but it would be worth consideration.

For any interested there is a link to my catalogue below. (If you are interested, you might want to check back closer to the end of the school holidays.

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