Sunday, April 10, 2011

Let's Try Again

Hmm, so much for being a regular blogger. Well, here I am almost 12 months later I've managed a few changes.

I'll start with the not so positive to get it out of the way - haven't lost any more weight, haven't put any on though which is good. I've also lost centimeters so it's not all bad. I've organised my eating plans and picked up the training at the gym so moving forward in a positive way once again. My personal trainer is still putting up with me but I whinge a lot less now.

Work is good. I'm more organised, and don't allow myself to be distracted. I have smaller 'to do' lists each day which means I'm actually getting through them and achieving small goals every day. Instead of taking loads of work home, I've allowed myself whatever fits into one bag and I work on that, and again I'm getting some work done. I'm using the Moodle at work with the kids and it's great.

So - goals for the short term:
- get through the Easter Show without buying a Cadbury or Darrel Lea show bag.
- Go to the gym each day whilst on school holidays. (except the day I'm at the show)
- Stay organised with my eating plan so that I don't fall off the rails.

Fingers Crossed.

Hopefully I'll be back soon, no promises =]

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